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Criminal Defense and Juvenile Defense in Orange County


Central Florida Criminal Defense.  Criminal defense in Orlando, and surrounding areas.  Criminal defense in Orlando, and surrounding areas. Criminal Defense in Orange County starts and ends with the major city in Orange County, Orlando.  Orlando is home to the largest metropolitan police department in the county, the Orlando Police Department.  Orange County experiences a very large number of arrests per year because of the multitude of police agencies that operate within the county.  Criminal defense in Orange County can be tough with the high skill level of the prosecutors in the Orange County State Attorney's Office, under the supervision of State Attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit Jeffrey L. Ashton.  It was the State Attorney's Office of Mr. Ashton where I spent nearly three years as an Orange County Prosecutor.


As with all Florida counties, The Florida Highway Patrol has jurisdiction throughout the entire County, as well as does the Orange County Sheriff's Office.  The following is a list of all of the cities in Orange County, Florida, and photos of the police agencies who maintain a presence in each jurisdiction.



Apopka, Florida                                         Bay Lake, Florida                                             Belle Isle, Florida                       










Edgewood, Florida                                     Lake Buena Vista, Florida                                 Maitland, Florida














Ocoee, Florida                                            Orlando, FL                                                         Winter Garden, Florida  









Winter Park, Florida                     University of Central Florida

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Although, this is not a city, the Waterford Lakes, Avalon, Stoneybrook, and Eastwood communities of Eastern Orlando house a very large population in East Orlando and more information about this area can be found here.

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