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Palm Bay Criminal Defense



Central Florida Criminal Defense.  Criminal Defense in Palm Bay, and surrounding areas, and Brevard County Criminal Defense. Palm Bay is a relatively small and affluent city in Brevard County just east of Orlando, Florida. Palm Bay is ridden with a high drug crime rate, and because of this Palm Bay also has a high degree of theft and property crime.  Because of this, it is not uncommon that citizens will find themselves in need of a Palm Bay Drug Attorney or Brevard County Drug Attorney.  In addition to the Highway Patrol and Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Palm Bay has its own police force, the Palm Bay Police Department.


Because of the police presence, there are invariably a high amount of Palm Bay arrests.  The most common criminal offenses that we see in the city of Palm Bay are: driving with a suspended license, marijuana possession, possession of cocaine (frequently crack cocaine), drug dealing and drug trafficking offenses (mostly marijuana, cocaine, or molly), DUI, and gun charges.  The Palm Bay Police Department is a highly effective Law Enforcement Agency, so if you have been arrested by CCPD, it is highly important that you do not provide them with any additional evidence that they can use against you at trial. 


If you have been arrested by the Palm Bay Police Department you will most likely first be transported to one of three location: 1) The Brevard County Jail (for the vast majority of crimes, 2) The DUI breath center, or DUI mobile breath center (if you have been arrested for driving under the influence, or 3) An investigation station where the police will attempt to conduct an interrogation with you.  If the police are interested in conducting an interrogation of you, it is extremely important that you cooperate with any interview that they request, at this point you have already been arrested and any information that you may provide to them will lessen your legal defense at trial.  If you are arrested, and the police attempt to question you, invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and ask for an attorney.  At this point all questioning of you should cease according to the law.


If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Palm Bay, it is very important to invoke your legal rights and to reach out to a Palm Bay Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible.  Whether your Palm Bay criminal offense is: a Palm Bay murder charge, Palm Bay driving with a suspended license, Palm Bay dui, Palm Bay robbery, Palm Bay theft, or any Palm Bay drug crimes, does not change the circumstances of your Brevard County Criminal Defense.  Contact Brian Byrd, at ByrdLaw, PA Criminal Defense for a free consultation in reference to your Palm Bay criminal offense. Brevard County Criminal Attorney.






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