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Suspended Driver's License



Central Florida Criminal Defense.  Criminal defense in Orlando, and surrounding areas. Driving with a Suspended License is one of the most common criminal law offenses in Central Florida.  However, driving with a suspended license is a criminal charge that could have a devastating impact on your future ability to obtain a driver's license, cost you a fortune in fines, and result in the loss of your freedom.  It is understandable that so many people drive everyday on a suspended license, in Orlando there just isn't simply any other reliable way to get around the city besides driving. 


Often, people are frustrated by the bureaucracy of the Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), and give up on obtaining their driver's license on their own.  DHSMV is simply very difficult to deal with, without an attorney.  Criminal defense attorneys have a lot of experience in dealing with the DHSMV and are generally able to get the agency to move much quicker than you would be able to on your own.  A conviction for driving on a suspended license carries with it one strike, three strikes in a five year period and you will be labeled as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) and will lose your license for a period of five years. 


If you have been charged with a suspended driver's license offense in Central Florida or a No Valid driver's license offense, it is very important that you move quickly and contact ByrdLaw, P.A.  A suspended license in Orlando, Orange County, Seminole County, Volusia County, Osceola County, Brevard County could have a profound impact on your life and your freedom. 

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